Monday, November 19, 2007

Create Magazine Award

I'm proud to announce that "See" Monster has won a Create Magazine Gold Award. My poster design won in the student category for graphic communication. As a graduate student at CSUF I originally designed the poster for the 2007 Hollywood Reporter Student Key Art Awards, but didn't win. The concept I came up with was to create a treasure map out of the movie poster. So if you follow the riddle and fold the poster you get a secondary image. Pretty cool. I'm glad it's being recognized by the create awards. The November/December 2007 Create Magazine Awards issue is on-sale now. - Patrick Scullin

Make My Logo Bigger!

A friend forwarded this link to me. These amazing products do the trick when dealing with those pesky amateur clients! Enjoy!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Here is a rough sketch I did this week with my students. I was teaching them some digital painting techniques in Painter.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Here is another painting done with my students in Digital Illustration. This is my favorite day in the course when we paint a picture together. There is something very relaxing to me about painting and I love it. It's done completely in painter and I follow a traditional technique. I find it's best to approach digital painting the same way you approach traditional media. Out of habit I like to start with a blue pencil drawing, followed by vine charcoal. I then do a sepia value painting with digital watercolor, followed by opaque color added with wet acrylic and air brush. It's still rough and unfinished but I like it. - Patrick Scullin


The studio has been closed for the past 10 days due to the terrible slide fire in the San Bernardino Mountains. The mountain communities have been affected like never before. We know many folks who lost their homes, including my parents, and our hearts go out to everyone. We would like to thank all of our friends and family for their concern and prayers. Thankfully my parents place wasn't completely burned and as they've returned home they've discovered that they will be able to salvage many things. The brood has been couped up in a house with cousins and extended family for two weeks and everyone is anxious to get back to normal. Finally the evacuation for Running Springs has ended today so we're headed home. - Patrick Scullin

P.S. The picture is a view of the fire from Running Springs.