Monday, April 17, 2006

It Begins

Here goes nothing. I'll start by explaining the title. My wife, son and I went to Comicon in 2004. My young son was wearing his Superman T-shirt. When the three of us exited the shuttle we entered the crazy and wild world of Fandom. We were surrounded by fans dressed in every possible kind of costume. It was definite culture shock for the wife. Within minutes a stranger confronted my wife and while pointing at my sons t-shirt said, "The jury is still out on whether there will be a five." She looked at me totally confused and even a little frightened. Of course it made perfect sense to me. Our friendly neighborhood geek had been referring to the fact that at the time no one knew if they were going to make a Superman 5. I comforted my wife by telling her to stay close and not venture off because "I speak nerd."

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