Friday, January 18, 2008

Spider-Man "Brand New Day"

Marvel has done it again. They've gone and messed with tradition and... I love it. I've mentioned in previous posts some of the things that have happened with Captain America and now it's Peter Parker's turn. This time, instead of some one dying, it's the fact that someone "lived" that changes everything. I'm not going to discuss all the details but I found an interesting interview of Joe Quesada at AICN. Quesada points out that the things we all remember and love about comics, those things that become the "water shed" moments, all have one thing in common - change. I think it's easy to say that fans fear change but I suspect that most feel like me because I don't fear change, I fear change that serves no purpose or is just done for publicity's sake. I think these changes in Spider-man serve a purpose and I can see the creative skill and intent behind them. While the boy inside me who still reads comic books hates for things to change, it's the adult inside me that appreciates the art form who needs it.

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L. D. Adonis said...

Actually this was a GREAT book!!!
The stories, art, coloring
Lettering by Nate Piekos...!!

Plus the book had TRADING CARDS!!