Monday, March 17, 2008

Wizard Wrap

Wizard World is over. It was a fun and exciting weekend. First of all THANK YOU to everyone that visited my booth. It was great to meet everyone and talk shop. This was my first year at WW so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was definitely much smaller than Comic-Con which affected product sales but the smaller crowds made it easier to chat with other professionals. Here are some highlights:

My booth mate was pop artist Mike Bennett. He's an animation industry veteran who channels Jack Kirby in his dynamic poster art (He even knew Kirby which is cool). He is so prolific that he only sells originals because he's able to produce 2 or 3 unique posters a day. We had a good time shooting the breeze and talking about the biz.

I had the opportunity to meet and talk with cover artist Michael Golden. He was a special guest of the show and happened to have a booth not too far from mine. He came by and complimented my illustration. He was very friendly and very encouraging. We had a good discussion about art and technique and I believe he proves that in spite of fame, you can still be a good guy. At this show and others I've meet plenty of artists who are not so giving which makes Golden a class act.

I also took a chance and introduced myself to Dan DiDio, Senior Vice President and Executive editor at DC. He was making the rounds and was stopping to talk with some of the big DC artists near my booth. I got his attention and we talked for a few minutes. He reminded me that he wasn't there to review anything but I was able to give him a Super Siblings promo card. Can't get much better then handing it off to the main guy, here's to taking a chance. Anyways, Dan was also very nice to me and I appreciated that.

I had the opportunity to meet with a few other celebrities but hey, who else can claim that R2D2 is a fan? He just kept coming back to my booth. Another surprise at the show came when I ran into Devin Parker. That was a real blast from the past, he and I were friends and you might even say artistic rivals in middle school and high school. It's fun to see that both of us are still out their working it to make some artistic dreams come true. I wish him the best of luck!

Well, that's it, if I think of anything else important I'll put it up later. - Patrick Scullin

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