Tuesday, March 06, 2007

2007 Addy Awards

On Friday, March 2 2007 the Inland Empire Ad Club held their annual Addy Awards Ceremony. As a Designer working with Vertical Advertising, I was able to win a few. The first was a Gold Addy for "Best Website Design" for the site created with Dea Goldsmith and Steve Bradbury for Kroh Architects. The second award was a Silver Addy for "Logo Design" for Fiesta Village. The third was a Silver Addy for "Flash Animation" for Matisse Footwear. And the final award was a Bronze Addy for "Corporate Campaign" created with Dea Goldsmith and Hayley Raynes for Amphion, Inc.. We're all very happy and proud of the results.

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DAS Illustration said...

Congratulations Patrick!!!!!! That Is a pretty awesome Honor!!! Best of luck to you!!! Good luck in Ent. Graphics class!!!